Diego Turns 5

Vroom Vroom.  Whew! We made it through another birthday. Predictably, the anticipation outweighed what the party could possibly offer but, irregardless, a wonderful time was had by all. (I can’t believe we woke up and jumped in Grammy’s car in time to catch Marlowe’s Pitch, Hit & Run the morning after). We were rained out of Prospect Park but enjoyed the party indoors, in tighter quarters. Incidentally, I’m still feeling guilty about the umbrellas we collected over a very rainy week. Megan and Max, your loss is temporarily our gain. Please enjoy the following pictures memorializing Diego’s big day. Our apologies for being somewhat delinquent with the camera. And a huge thanks to those who attended, making it so special.

Marlowe Pitches, Hits & Runs

We were a proud aunt and uncle witnessing Marlowe’s baseball skills at the Staten Island Yankees Stadium Sectional Tournament on Sunday, May 15th. It was a foggy morning following some extreme weather. Matt and I arrived with the kids just in time to see Marlowe complete the 3rd leg of the pitch, hit & run competition, which was the pitching. He nailed 3 beautiful pitches into the strike zone from 45 feet away. Max, Rebecca, and Quinlin were already there supporting our #1 slugger. Three cheers for Marlowe! And thanks to the Iorios for the wonderful celebration lunch at Il Pomodoro, a delicious SI pick by Max.